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Close enough!

Alrighty so time is ticking and I've just noticed how many I haven't done (turns out it's a lot harder than you think). Below is an update of ones that I've done.... well close enough.   15. Buy a book from Readings Carlton (27 June 17) - So I didn't actually go to this book shop, instead… Continue reading Close enough!


3 more off the list!

Hello Everyone!  So I have to do about 3 per week in order to complete all 100 before 20 Sept 2017.  It's a lot harder then it sounds!  If this was a legit bucket list with things like kiss under the Eiffel Tower and eat pizza in Rome etc it would NOT be achievable within… Continue reading 3 more off the list!

Things to do


Day 1 = LLAMA TREKKING    (1 down, 99 to go) Why Llamas?  Why not llamas!  They make me laugh and they're just so beautiful, some (me) would even say they're majesitc.  This was THE BEST way to spend my 31st birthday and also to kick off my list of 100 things to do with something… Continue reading LLAMA TREKKING