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7. Get Tattoo Lasered Off OUUUUCCCHH!

7. Get tattoo lasered off DONE I have wanted to do this for ages and let me tell you, it freaking hurt!  I got the word "pray" tattooed on my back on Remembrance Day in 2008.  It was a tribute to all 4 of my grandparents who are no longer with us.  As much as… Continue reading 7. Get Tattoo Lasered Off OUUUUCCCHH!


Lisa Messenger & Sinead Disaya!

Last week was HUGE! Hear Lisa Messenger speak at an event DONE I have been buying The Collective magazine since it first came out in 2013.  That's right I have all 43 issues!  Lisa Messenger started the magazine herself without borrowing any money at all and it's also been a goal of mine to hear her speak… Continue reading Lisa Messenger & Sinead Disaya!

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Bali Baby!

Below is a list of all the things I've done in Bali + a bunch of photos.  A huge thanks to Dan for getting me out of my comfort zone and making me excited to try new adventures. Scuba Diving Waterbom Waterpark Elephant Safari Bali Safari Flying Fish Jet Skiing ParaSailing Snorkelling Pandawa Beach (love… Continue reading Bali Baby!

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Jump Off a Pier, I shaved my bfs head + More

99 Jump Off a Pier DONE Dan and I went to Rye for the night and I got to knock off a couple more things off the list.  25 down 75 to go!  We've both recently gotten promotions so it was a good treat to celebrate!  (p.s super proud of you babe!) We have a favourite beach… Continue reading Jump Off a Pier, I shaved my bfs head + More

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Test Drive a Range Rover!

Test Drive a Range Rover  DONE   So I have a thing for Range Rovers and now I've finally driven one, confirming that one day I want to own one of these bad boys.  Why?  I used to own a Jeep and I miss ploughing over people. Get 5 friends to teach me something new… Continue reading Test Drive a Range Rover!

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Indoor Rock Climbing!

Number 79 on the list is DONE.  I decided to scramble my ass up the wall at Hard Rock Indoor Rock Climbing on Swanston Street in Melbourne CBD.  I've always wanted to climb there, from the outside it looks crazy high, and from the inside when you're clutching at the wall, it feels damn high.… Continue reading Indoor Rock Climbing!

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6 more off the list!

So I thought it was about time to run on the treadmill and see how much I need to improve by to be able to 'Run 1km without stopping', turns out I smashed it!  I RAN 1 whole kilometre without stopping.  I'm SUPER SUPER proud of myself, so proud I nearly cried because I was… Continue reading 6 more off the list!