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Close enough!

Alrighty so time is ticking and I've just noticed how many I haven't done (turns out it's a lot harder than you think). Below is an update of ones that I've done.... well close enough.   15. Buy a book from Readings Carlton (27 June 17) - So I didn't actually go to this book shop, instead… Continue reading Close enough!

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I'm officially HALF WAY through my list of "100 things to do before I turn 32"!!  I have 115 days until I turn 32 so I seriously need to get cracking. Below is an updated version of the list 100 things to do before I turn 32!   Things to do | Places to go Take… Continue reading HALF WAY!!!

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Finally a Ferret + 4 more!!

24. See a ferret DONE I've never seen a ferret before and always wanted to.  Now I finally have AND I don't need to see one again.  They freaking STINK.  Real bad.  So cute but yeah no thanks.  I managed to get one photo below before I handed it over. keep scrolling 16 DO a… Continue reading Finally a Ferret + 4 more!!


Lisa Messenger & Sinead Disaya!

Last week was HUGE! Hear Lisa Messenger speak at an event DONE I have been buying The Collective magazine since it first came out in 2013.  That's right I have all 43 issues!  Lisa Messenger started the magazine herself without borrowing any money at all and it's also been a goal of mine to hear her speak… Continue reading Lisa Messenger & Sinead Disaya!

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My Personal Styling Session

19. Have a personal styling session with a stylist DONE Alrighty so on the 21st of December I had a 'Personal Styling Session' at Feather and Noise.  I absolutely LOVE all their clothes and I've been watching them grow on Instagram for some time now (41k followers!) so when I found out they have personal styling sessions… Continue reading My Personal Styling Session

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Test Drive a Range Rover!

Test Drive a Range Rover  DONE   So I have a thing for Range Rovers and now I've finally driven one, confirming that one day I want to own one of these bad boys.  Why?  I used to own a Jeep and I miss ploughing over people. Get 5 friends to teach me something new… Continue reading Test Drive a Range Rover!

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Home Sweet Home!

DONE - 18. Surprise my parents (not really surprise but I got to see them either way) DONE - 45. Take a good photo of my parents to frame forever  DONE - 35. Take a group picture of the gang On Friday 02 Dec I flew back to Queensland to spend the weekend with my… Continue reading Home Sweet Home!