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I’m Breaking The Rules!

Ok so you may have noticed that I haven't been marking off things on the list all that much lately!  I've had a think and I'm going to change "The List" a bit.  Yep I'm breaking the rules and I don't care.  There are some things on the list that I've already done before and some… Continue reading I’m Breaking The Rules!

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Aerial Yoga!!!

89. Go to an Aerial Yoga class DONE Yesterday I got to hang upside down with the girls and try something new.  This was definitely different and challenging but HEAPS OF FUN. I highly recommend you give it a crack! A huge thanks to  my buddy Krystal for organising all of us and a big… Continue reading Aerial Yoga!!!

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Jump Off a Pier, I shaved my bfs head + More

99 Jump Off a Pier DONE Dan and I went to Rye for the night and I got to knock off a couple more things off the list.  25 down 75 to go!  We've both recently gotten promotions so it was a good treat to celebrate!  (p.s super proud of you babe!) We have a favourite beach… Continue reading Jump Off a Pier, I shaved my bfs head + More

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My EBOOK is now available!

250 Achievable Bucket List Ideas - now available on etsy! Click HERE . I thought it would be a good idea to keep in the spirit of bucket list goals so I've made a list of 250 ACHIEVABLE bucket list ideas!  There are 7 categories and I've even marked all the ones that are free.  This… Continue reading My EBOOK is now available!

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Test Drive a Range Rover!

Test Drive a Range Rover  DONE   So I have a thing for Range Rovers and now I've finally driven one, confirming that one day I want to own one of these bad boys.  Why?  I used to own a Jeep and I miss ploughing over people. Get 5 friends to teach me something new… Continue reading Test Drive a Range Rover!

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Tough Mudder + 1

Compete in the 10km Tough Mudder DONE!  - check out the rest of the list HERE For those who don't know what Tough Mudder is: Tough Mudder Half is not a race, it’s a challenge. Designed to test teamwork and grit on a 10 kilometre obstacle course without fire, ice or electricity, it’s all the mud and half the… Continue reading Tough Mudder + 1

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I met Kayla Itsines!!!

Something super exciting happened and I HAVE to share it with you all! On 17/11 I participated in breaking 5 Guinness World Records PLUS I got to meet Kayla Itsines herself!!!!  Holy Moly it was such a great night!  Catching up with all of the BBG Melbourne girls, meeting loads more, doing the biggest boot camp… Continue reading I met Kayla Itsines!!!