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I'm officially HALF WAY through my list of "100 things to do before I turn 32"!!  I have 115 days until I turn 32 so I seriously need to get cracking. Below is an updated version of the list 100 things to do before I turn 32!   Things to do | Places to go Take… Continue reading HALF WAY!!!


Lisa Messenger & Sinead Disaya!

Last week was HUGE! Hear Lisa Messenger speak at an event DONE I have been buying The Collective magazine since it first came out in 2013.  That's right I have all 43 issues!  Lisa Messenger started the magazine herself without borrowing any money at all and it's also been a goal of mine to hear her speak… Continue reading Lisa Messenger & Sinead Disaya!

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6 more off the list!

So I thought it was about time to run on the treadmill and see how much I need to improve by to be able to 'Run 1km without stopping', turns out I smashed it!  I RAN 1 whole kilometre without stopping.  I'm SUPER SUPER proud of myself, so proud I nearly cried because I was… Continue reading 6 more off the list!

The List

Hip Hip Hooray!

100 things I want to do before I turn 32!   Firstly I LOVED turning 30, it was the best birthday I've ever had.  I got spoilt rotten, complete with a surprise party surrounded by some pretty amazing people.  I also woke up feeling like I finally had my $hit together - who I was and what… Continue reading Hip Hip Hooray!