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Close enough!

Alrighty so time is ticking and I’ve just noticed how many I haven’t done (turns out it’s a lot harder than you think). Below is an update of ones that I’ve done…. well close enough.


15. Buy a book from Readings Carlton (27 June 17) – So I didn’t actually go to this book shop, instead I found a place in Melbourne Central where you can borrow books anytime you want. You can keep them and donate your own books to the bookcase. Love it. 

27. See penguins at St Kilda pier (8 July 17) – Turns out you MIGHT see a penguin, there’s no guarantee so I didn’t want to drive the 1 hour to the pier SO instead I went to the Alpaca Show. TOTALLY better then seeing a penguin anyway!


39. Buy fake eyes and put them on everything in the fridge to freak people out (15 July 17) – I was picturing all those funny you tube videos, didn’t happen like that at all.

50. Do something different with my hair (8 July 17) – Alrighty so I’ve had pink in the ends of my hair before, but I love it and did it again anyway.


53. Do my own makeup, including eyeliner (8 July 17) – The photo above is basically the most make up I’ve ever worn (put on by myself), eye liner – still trying to learn how to master that!

76. Go to the Cat Cafe (9 July 17) – I don’t like cats much. Went to High Tea at the Windsor Hotel instead. Much better!

78. Take Dom to a spin class (19 June 17) – Also didn’t happen. My friends Dom and Stef have been doing F45 training so I wanted to try it for myself. Stuff spin, F45 all the way!

91. Do Ashy Bines booty challenge (19 June 17) – Also not going to do this. I’m loving F45.

92. Do a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge (19 July 17) – again F45. f*** Yoga.

96. Get a body wrap at a day spa (3 June 17) – Didn’t do this, instead I got a facial, pedicure, manicure, massage and eyelash extensions. Body wrap another time!

100. Do a pilates reformer class (19 June 17) – again, F45 all the way!!!


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