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Finally a Ferret + 4 more!!

24. See a ferret DONE

I’ve never seen a ferret before and always wanted to.  Now I finally have AND I don’t need to see one again.  They freaking STINK.  Real bad.  So cute but yeah no thanks.  I managed to get one photo below before I handed it over.

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16 DO a photo shoot DONE

Ok so I put this one on here because I have a vision of a photo shoot that I’ve wanted to do for ages.  My friend Shannon over at offered to take photos for me because she’s an amazing super talented friend (go check out her blog).  It was a bit daunting and I’m definitely not in the shape I want to be in at the moment but either way it was good to do.  I’m definitely wanting to get my ass in gear and get back into shape so that I can do another photo shoot with Shan.  You wont see those photos so here’s some I prepared earlier! (from my confident in shape days).  The below photos were for Alternative Womens Fitness and you can find me here SuperSal.

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1 Take Dan through a drive through car wash DONE

I still find it fun doing this and when Dan (my man) said he’d never gone through one before, I made sure we did it that same day haha.  $10 bargain.  He’s a trooper for helping me do things on my list haha.  Just look at that face.

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95 Do 1000 steps without stopping DONE

Ok so this wasn’t 1000 steps at Dandenong Ranges but I did do 1000 steps on the stair climber at the gym without stopping (that counts).  Each floor is 17 steps so I walked up 60 for good measure (1020 steps).  Anytime I do the 1000 steps at Dandenong I struggle with breathing and getting dizzy.  No idea why (besides being unfit perhaps), if anyone has any ideas feel free to email me.  Anyway so I did 1020 steps on the stairclimber, it’s the same thing so I’m crossing this bad boy off the list.

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31 Eat a burger at Dexter

This is a burger place in Preston, Melbourne that everyone has been raving about.  It was crap so not going there again.  Didn’t even take a photo!



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