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I’m Breaking The Rules!

Ok so you may have noticed that I haven’t been marking off things on the list all that much lately!  I’ve had a think and I’m going to change “The List” a bit.  Yep I’m breaking the rules and I don’t care.  There are some things on the list that I’ve already done before and some things I just put on there because I couldn’t think of 100 things at the time of the blog post.  Meh – why not.

I’m Taking Off the 11 below (for various reasons)

1 Hold up a sign saying “free hugs”, 8 Be in Collective Magazine, 11 Have a beach day with friends, 15 Get the ferry from Williamstown to Sorrento, 28 Go to the markets at Apollo Bay, 31 Buy shares, 46 Take a black and white photo of us running naked into the ocean, 70 Sew something and wear it, 78 Stand Up Paddleboard, 96 Swim in the pool at Crown, 100 Do Kayla Itsines BBG (with ankle weights)

The NEW LIST looks like the below! New ones are underlined

Things to do | Places to go

  1. Take Dan through a drive through car wash 
  2. Go on a motorbike (30 Jan 17)
  3. Wear lipstick
  4. Go into a bookstore and leave a note inside a book (22 Oct 16)
  5. Donate Blood (23 Oct 16)
  6. Test drive a Range Rover (10 Dec 16)
  7. Get my tattoo lasered off (15 April 17)
  8. Find something I love on Pinterest and buy it
  9. Go to an event where Lisa Messenger is a speaker (2 Mar 17)
  10. Help someone else make a bucket list (19 Jan 17)
  11. Go to Sequoia Forest and find a wood nest
  12. Go fruit picking (19 Dec 16)
  13. Go to Eureka Skydeck
  14. Go on the Melbourne Star
  15. Buy a book from Readings Carlton
  16. Do a photoshoot
  17. Put a lock on a bridge (19 Oct 16)
  18. Surprise my parents (02 Dec 16)
  19. Have a personal styling session with a stylist (21 Dec 16)
  20. Help someone complete something on their bucket list (9 April 17)
  21. Upload a video on you tube and get 1 like (22 Sept 16)
  22. Walk out of one movie and into another without paying
  23. Go Llama trekking (20 Sept 16)
  24. See a ferret
  25. Make contact with my sister (1 Oct 16)
  26. Slow dance with Dan
  27. See penguins at St Kilda pier
  28. Get Private Health Insurance before I turn 32
  29. Get my dogs off my parents
  30. Win a competition (or raffle) (29 Nov 16)
  31. Eat a burger at Dexter
  32. Drive to the snow
  33. Move into our forever house
  34. Find out what a friend has always wanted to do and organise it for them (17 Dec 16)
  35. Take a group picture of the gang (25 Oct 15)
  36. Get fan mail
  37. Go to Werribee Zoo (30 Dec 16)
  38. Go go-karting
  39. Buy fake eyes and put them on everything in the fridge to freak people out
  40. Carve our initials in a tree
  41. Lie on a blanket and look at the stars
  42. Wear a flower crown
  43. Watch Good Will Hunting (25 Sept 16)
  44. Sell all the clothes I don’t wear/fit into
  45. Take a good photo of my parents to frame forever (03 Dec 16)
  46. Go to the Lost and Found market
  47. Go to Mirabella
  48. Find my signature style (21 Dec 16)
  49. Have friends over and cook dinner for them
  50. Do something different with my hair
  51. Read ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ (21 Oct 16)

Learn how to

  1. Braid my own hair
  2. Do my own make up (including eye liner)
  3. Curl my hair with a GHD
  4. Get 5 friends to teach me something new (11 Dec 16)
  5. Take a photo with sparklers spelling words
  6. Bake a cake that everyone loves

Create | Make

  1. Knit a scarf
  2. Paint a canvas and sell it
  3. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years (29 Dec 16)
  4. Write a letter to my future husband to open on our wedding day (29 Dec 16)
  5. Write a letter to my future kids (29 Dec 16)
  6. Finish writing my life coaching ebook (16 Dec 16)
  7. Write to a celebrity (17 Dec 16)
  8. Make my own recipe book and add family recipes (20 Jan 17)
  9. Shoot paint at a canvas with a water gun
  10. Take an art or creative class
  11. Throw eggs full of paint at a canvas
  12. Make something out of clay
  13. Make something to have in our new house
  14. Restore a piece of furniture

Eat & Drink

  1. Go to an Ice Bar
  2. Eat at Gelato Messina (11 Mar 17)
  3. Have drinks at Ponyfish Island (25 Jan 17)
  4. Eat at Trunk Town
  5. Go to the Cat Café
  6. Get drunk (07 Oct 16)

Health | Fitness | Wellbeing

  1. Take Dom to do a spin class
  2. Indoor Rock Climb in Melbourne CBD (05 Nov 16)
  3. Run 1km without stopping (17 Oct 16)
  4. Get a health check including blood test
  5. Compete in the 10km Tough Mudder (19 Nov 16)
  6. Run home from work
  7. Get to my goal weight
  8. For 21 days NO cake, candy, chips, biscuits, popcorn, white bread, takeaway, pasta, chocolate, ice cream, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, soft drink (21 Nov 16)
  9. Be able to touch my toes without bending my knees
  10. Be able to run the loop (7.6km) in under 50 minutes
  11. Be confident in my own skin
  12. Go to an aerial yoga class (14 Jan 17)
  13. Go to the Peninsula Hot Springs (20 Dec 16)
  14. Do Ashy Bines Booty Challenge
  15. Do a 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge
  16. Become a brand ambassador for something I believe in
  17. Do the Lerderderg Hike in under 2 hours (15 April 17)
  18. Do 1000 steps without stopping
  19. Get a body wrap at a day spa
  20. Skydive
  21. Snowboard
  22. Jump off a pier (19 Dec 16)
  23. Do a Pilates reformer class

1 thought on “I’m Breaking The Rules!”

  1. I love your list Sal and would love to help you complete some of them! (1000 steps without stopping 😉👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽)


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